Just 2 nameless people hanging out amongst the sea of parents

Just 2 nameless people hanging out among the sea of parents waiting for Ari’s winter concert to begin.

I find this moment of being lost in the crowd absolutely refreshing and delightful because it puts things in perspective about who the true stars are in the life of all these people gathered here.

Speaking of concerts, there is a reason this guy is still my all time favorite date for winter concerts. It is simply because to date (pun intended!) he hasn’t missed even one concert of the boys. He will get out of work, drive through traffic like a maniac, walk into a huge concert hall or gymnasium, scan rapidly to see where I am seated and yell on the phone “Yenga di irruku” (which loosely translates to “Where the heck are you?”). Then, he would rush to sit beside me and say “I made it!”.

I know historically women have fallen for and picked a dude who will shower them with gems and goodies.

Damn the gems and the goodies. I can’t take them to my grave anyways.

I will pick this dude all over again simply because he shows up at the right time to watch his boys and take my breath away.

Now, on to listening to Feliz Navidad.

Handwritten Note with Warm Socks

It is a windy, rainy day here in Austin.

Kumar dropped of Ari at school today morning. He called me to let me know that Ari’s shoe came off as he was running into school and his socks got wet. He asked me if I could drop off a pair of socks at the school’s front office.

I did. Left it with a handwritten note.

Humor me. Will you? Spread the love.
Write a small note or poem and drop it in your sweetheart’s bag or kids’ lunch box.

Much Ado About a Dewdrop

I dropped Adi, Ari and Daddy (he was a substitute teacher today) at Tamil School and was rushing back home to help Mummy cook a yummy Sunday afternoon lunch for the boys. I turned a corner and saw a beautiful sight. So,I went home, picked up the camera to shoot some pictures.

I can’t capture the beauty of that transitional moment today morning either with my words or with my pictures. But, here is an attempt.

Humor me. Picture this in your mind as you read it.

A curvy road.
To the left.
Trees without leaves.
Empty trees.
Fall transitioning to winter.
Sun rising behind the trees.
Dewdrops dripping from the trees.
Sun in the background.
Dewdrops in the foreground.
Dewdrops glistening.
Hundreds of dew drops glittering.
Like gold.
Like diamonds.
Like sunlight.
Letting the sunlight glistening through them.
A glorious sight.
Here now.
Gone now.
Just like every moment in our life.
Just like our life itself.