While He is Away

It has been one heck of a week.
Between Kumar’s travel and mine, the boys schedule and my schedule, it truly has been one of those weeks that I am glad is over.

I knew what he must have done.
He must have rushed to the airport earlier today and cajoled the airline representative to put him on an earlier flight.
They most probably said “No”.
He possibly slumped back with disappointment on one of those uncomfortable airport seats and waited for his flight to board.

While this happened, I wrapped up my day and rushed to pick up the boys and to ensure Adi doesn’t wait outside anywhere in the cold after being dropped off by the bus.

I can almost here his foot step.
I can almost hear his voice – “Yenna da….Ammava padathaneengala”.
(Loose translation in English: Boys – Did you trouble your mom while I was away?)

The boys and I wait for our hero to show up at the door step.

Rainbow Days – On Waiting

She knows I am no fun. So, she hangs out near the main door and waits for each of the boys to show up in the evening and make it “happy hours”.

Even if you didn’t believe in past lives, you would start believing in it if you see the love showered on both sides. Because, there is no way, the love and bond (between Rainbow and the boys) started just a few years ago. I am confident that the bond spans life-times.