On Running for the Hills

I don’t know about getting wiser with age.
I do know that I am becoming more anti social with age.

I used to be more social.
I used to be more tolerant despite being able to see through situations.

But, now, as I age, I have not only honed the skill to see through situations but also have lost all my tolerance ability for BS.

I simply can’t stand deal with lies, fakeness or drama.
I am unable to.

I wish with all my heart to be tolerant.
But, I don’t do my usual Tolerate BS#1, Tolerate BS#2, Tolerate BS#3 counting…. because, I have realized that it is such a waste of my time and effort.
To make it easier for myself and to still exercise a semblance of tolerance…I run for the hills when I notice BS.

I run. For the hills. To save my own sanity.

I have half-a-lifetime’s worth of Tolerance credit that I need to debit as quickly as possible in the next 4 decades.
I am hell bent on debiting it like its nobody’s business.

So, watch out.

Let us remove the IN from the word Intolerance

Everybody has the right.
Everybody has the right to think what they want to.
Everybody has the right to do what they want to.

It doesn’t matter who they voted for.
It doesn’t matter what their beliefs or disbeliefs are.

Everybody has a reasoning for what they do and why they do it.
It is not easy to see through somebody’s eyes or walk in their shoes.

So, I have learnt to practice tolerance.
Then, to top that, I am slowly learning to practice acceptance.
It hasn’t been easy. But, one has got to try. Right?

I know the questions plaguing your mind.

What? Why? How?

Here is my response to all your questions about why to “accept” somebody who’s beliefs are not the same as yours?

Here is why:
I have realized over the decades that the cords that bind us to humanity are much more stronger than the occasional discordant notes that spell separate.

Re-read that last sentence.

I am confident you will get it.
That is why I will be waiting to greet you at the tolerance/acceptance intersection.
Don’t keep me waiting too long. I can be quite the impatient jerk.

So, let us remove the IN from the word Intolerance. Agreed?