Post Thanksgiving Thanks

Thanksgiving break week started off very rough.

I thank you all for sending your positives vibes to Ari (who was sick and in the ER last week) and the family.I do believe those positive vibes work. Because, thanks to all the positive vibes, our week did progress well and we spent the last few days surrounded by the warmth and cheer of friends and family.

Despite my ever present restraint in indulging with food, I ate more than I should have….but, that is only because the food was served with so much heartfelt love and so much care. My SIL Rema’s mango-fruit based dessert, my new friend Uma’s elaborate spread of vegetable curries, and aloo paratha, my girlfriend Sukanya’s bhel and vadai (which reminded my so much of Mommy’s vadai) and filter coffee, my enthu friend CK’s pulav, my buddy Vijaya’s sweet potato casserole (which is queen-of-all-cooks Jyotsna’s and her daughter Ashlesha tried and tested recipe; thanks to Kaushik for baking the casserole in Rohit’s oven), my neighbor Rohit’s besan laddoos and more.

Now, as if all that was not a big enough list to be grateful for…just as I was getting ready to call his weekend a wrap, our next door neighbor’s 10 year old nephew (visiting from New Jersey) who became buddies with the boys….brought over some fresh guacamole that he had made. (side note: He had left the huge avacado seed in the guacamole and when I asked him why….he quipped that it was to prevent the guacamole from browning too quickly. I am just so impressed with kids…they know so much….stuff that I don’t know!)

If you think I ate so much that my stomach hurt…that is quite not right. Because, my stomach hurt more from the non-stop laughter.

I am so grateful for this break and all the folks who made it the most memorable Thanksgiving ever (I know….I know…I say that ever year. But, truly, it was memorable).

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

Now, the race to the end of 2017. Just few more weeks….and than we can all take a break during the holidays. Hang in there.

The Need to BELONG

Right in the middle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid is something humanity craves – the need to BELONG.

Take for example, these personalized cookies that the boys got from our wonderful neighbors. They make us feel like we BELONG in this neighborhood.

So, what will I be thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Warm hearted family and friends (from near and far) who make me feel like I BELONG.

Have a great Thanksgiving surrounded by the love and warmth of family and friends!

Lend Me a Heart Replete with Thankfulness

O Lord that lends me life,
Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.
~William Shakespeare

As you gather around overflowing dinner tables on Thanksgiving day, and are getting ready to attack that turkey (or tofu turkey for my vegetarian counterparts) and give it all that you got, I want you to FREEZE.

Yep, I said FREEZE. Like in the game FREEZE.

Find one person that touched your heart in the last year.

They might have picked you up when your heart broke.

They might have shared that beautiful rainbow with you.

They might have picked up your child on that crazy day.

They might have brought food over when you were busy.

They might have stood by you and just patted your on your back to let you know they are there for you.

Find just one person. Look them in the eye. Tell them “Thank you”. Hug them.

And, then attack that turkey. And, give it your all!

Because, my dear friends, thanksgiving is more than that turkey and yams.

It is another day to express our gratitude for this wonderful life that we are blessed with.

Happy Thanksgiving!!