On Soaking in a Summer Day

Today, the boys and I headed out to a spring and natural water pool.
It was a long drive.
It was also a hot day.

When we reached our destination, the beautiful sight of bluish green water awaited us.
I walked down to the natural pool.
Under the rich green trees and blue water, the sun didn’t seem that hot.

I know only a tad bit of swimming.
I waded in the water.
Then, when I got to deeper part, Adi offered to ferry me across the water so I can stand under the water fall.
I took up his offer and rided on his shoulders to the other side of the pool.
Several people gave them their hand and offered to lift me off the water and up the rocks.
I gladly took their hands.

Then, I climbed up on the rocks and found my way to where the water came pouring down.
I placed myself under the pounding cascade of the cold waterfall.
I soaked in the water fall.

I turned around and gazed at the beautiful natural pool.
I looked at the tropical-looking greenery.

I let the water flow against my body and nourish by mind and soul.

I soaked in the water and the summer day.

Misogi – is a Shinto purification ritual of standing under a waterfall.

Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krause_Springs

Spring like feel to Late Summer

I know.
It just looks like some road side yellow color flowers.

It is.
It is also more than that.

As I take a walk with the boys discussing something utterly foolish….this bright colored flower bush catches my eye.
It adds a spring like feel to late summer.
It also add a spring (pun intended) to my walk.

I observe. Therefore, I am.

2 boys. 10 weeks.

2 boys.
10 weeks.

About the last scoop of ice cream.

Planting flowers.
Playing in the sand.
Rushing in the rain.

Hanging together all the time.

Too many laughs.
Too many jokes.
Too many memories made.

Too much creating ruckus for mom.

Summer Break 2016.
Soon to be done.

I am going to do my annual routine of crying like a wimp after I drop them off at school. All the tissues in the world won’t wipe away those tears.

Warm water of the Atlantic Ocean. Met my feet.

Another first.
Warm water of the Atlantic Ocean.
Met my feet.
For the very first time.
Joy knew no bounds.
Extra special.
Because waited for this moment for so long.
Since reading about warm Atlantic Ocean waters in grade 8.


My love for the Pacific Ocean: http://ambalbalakrishnan.com/2013/07/21/national-bridges-at-santa-cruz-in-california/

Summer Camp – How to Handle LIFE as it Happens

There is no summer camp that teaches “here is how to handle LIFE as it happens”.

So, I resort to what Daddy did when I was very young. He taught me how to use the tools that he had around the house. He also trusted me to do many handy things around the house.

Kumar jokes that the hottest girl ever is one who knows how to use a spanner and a screwdriver when the plumbing is broke.

Well, I don’t think Daddy would like it said that way 😉 Nevertheless, I am sure he would be proud to see his daughter pass on his life-skills lessons to his grandsons.

Tell me about a small practical skill that you learnt that has come to use in your life. Or, tell me about a practical life skill that you are teaching yourself or your kids.