On Showing the Way

Appa would tell me that kids grow up on us. And, as they grow up on us they take on more responsibilities.

As I was in gutters changing diapers, cleaning potty, fixing seat belts, carrying the boys around, feeding them, doing they laundry, chasing them to get homework done….I couldn’t believe what Appa said. It all just seemed like a maze of kid raising and tending.

Finally, I have gotten to a phase where I am beginning to believe what Appa said.

Arya has learnt how to navigate the world as I am driving or even as we are walking through a new city.

For those of y’all in the ditches with kid tending…do know that the current phase too shall pass. The kids will grow up and show you the way and make your heart beam with pride.

Hang in there and enjoy the one way ride.