It is Truly a Magical Holiday Season. Is it Not?

Dec 24, 2013 Christmas Eve

No cookies. No full fat milk.

A small cup of 2% fat milk.
A little pack of trail mix.

A short note that has been written, erased, rewritten and erased multiple times.
A tiny heart that believes that the big man will come down the chimney and give him a remote control airplane.

It is truly a magical holiday season. Is it not - 2 - Ambal Balakrishnan.jpg

Dec 25, 2013 Christmas Morning

OMG! Santa does exist. He drank a bit from Ari’s small cup of 2% fat milk and left a remote controlled helicopter (airplane?!) under THE TREE.

Ari was excited to see the helicopter, but disappointed that Santa didn’t take a bite out of his trail mix packet.

Clearly, there was some problems in the execution of Santa’s plan. Whoever (hint Kumar) was supposed to wake up early, empty the trail mix pack and leave just the cover near the fire place….didn’t do it. Grrr.

So, I had to come up with a cock-&-bull story that went like this “Ari, I think Santa was so full with all the cookies and didn’t want to eat your healthy trail mix.”

The doe-eyed dude  completely bought the story.

I am on a roll with stories today and I am also feeling rather mischievous. I wonder what other cock-&-bull stories I will tell to everybody I meet throughout the day.

Now that Christmas Eve is done, Santa (and all the hardworking Santa helpers around the world – YOU!) should take a break and relax a bit on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas You’ll.

Be good…because Santa is resetting the good/bad counter for next Christmas .

Scouting for Pictures in Fall

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

For several weeks now, Adi has been observing the falling leaves and the beautiful red and yellow colors on the leaves. We both enjoy the fall beauty…but only we rush to school and drive back and forth from activites.

Today afternoon, Adi came back from school. I surprised him by saying “The camera is all yours for 1 hour today afternoon. Look – the rain has stopped and the sun is out. Let us go photo shooting!!”.

His jaw dropped. He said “Are you serious?! Stop kidding Amma”.

We got in the car and drove around…stopping here…pausing there. We discussed how best to click a particular shot. I don’t know much about framing..but whatever I knew, I taught him.

In our part of the world (here in Northern California), Fall doesn’t bring as much beauty as in the Mid-west. However, we enjoyed the red and yellow leaves and how the vibrant colors stood out in our city.

Hope you are enjoy this Fall as much as Adi and I enjoyed scouting for Fall pictures.

Scouting for Pictures in Fall 2012 - 1 - Ambal Balakrishnan