Every Parent is a Kshatriya (Warrior)

Have you heard the story about the bee, Parashurama and Karna from Mahabaratha? One day while Parasurama was resting on the lap of Karna, a poisonous bee stung Karna. But he kept calm bearing all the pain, not to disturb his resting guru. Parasurama awakened by the warm blood oozing out of the bee sting wound, realized that only a Kshatriya not a Brahmana can have such pain tolerance.

Both Adi and I have been sleep deprived for many days last week. So, earlier this week, as his tiredness overtook him, we just found a quite corner in a busy building and he rested on my lap for half hour to catch a cat nap.

I didn’t move even a inch despite my leg going numb. If there was just a peep of sound anywhere close by, I swear, I would have silenced the source with the power of my mind to get him that much needed rest.

Nature vs. Nurture

#‎Harsh‬ ‪#‎Nature‬ meets ‪#‎Nurture‬ in Austin today.
Thunder…lightning…pouring rain.
Guess what parents do?
Form a long pick up line to get the young’uns.

My hypothesis: There is no end to humanity. Why? Humanity will continue to thrive because it has gotten so good at caring for its young over eons.