On Moments that become Meaningless

Sometimes, you wait for a moment to arrive.
You work so hard for it.
So hard.

You move.
You move heaven and earth.

You rock.
You rock even hell.

You try.
You try everything possible.

And, then, finally, the moment arrives.
But, alas, it is completely meaningless.
Because, the one, the one that has to be there with you for the moment to be fulfilled is a 1000 miles away.

Hence, you let the moment slide.
Because, it has become completely meaningless.

So, you stand in the beautiful sunny day enjoying the warm rays.
Then, you take a long nap in the afternoon and just let the day pass you by.

Because, after all, it is just another day.

To Be in the Moment

One of my friend’s reminded me today that the present (moment) is the biggest present (gift).

So, as the fog and rain continue to steal my soul and heart this week…I have been playing all my favorite rain songs for the boys.
I also encouraged the boys to go out and BE with the rain.

To smell the rain.
To touch the rain.
To hear the rain.
To see the rain.
To taste the rain.
To be in the moment…and with the beautiful rain.

I hope that after I am long gone, my love for music and rain…will live on through them.

P.S That is right. Despite my rationale brain, my conspiracy theories and my cynicism (masked…oh so carefully), I am… like all of humanity.. a die hard romantic.