The Sexiest Man Alive is one who can run Math Modeling on Excel

I might have said in the past that the man who helps clean up after my child’s vomit, the man who eats my HOT Parangikai (Pumpkin) Kootu and the man who wakes up in the morning to help get my child ready is the sexiest one on the planet.

That is all true.

The geek in me also adores a man who can run math modeling on excel for me after a long day at work.

People’s magazine has got it all wrong with its sexiest man list. They don’t have a freakin’ clue.

Keep Looking for What doesn’t Meet the Eye

I believe that we die the day we stop growing and evolving through learning. So, I am a life-long learner.

My curiosity has taken me through many journeys. Travels…both on this earth and through the depth of my mind.

Even when I was little kid playing in the sand or watching the sky and the beautiful stars, I remember wondering:

  • What is life?
  • Why I am here?
  • What is life’s purpose?
  • Where is this thought coming from?
  • Is there free will or are we lead by destiny?

It is very difficult to find answers to these questions. Well, on a basic level, it is easy to answer them with simplicity. But, if you prod a bit more, it is not easy to find answers. In fact, the questions lead to more questions.

The depth and intensity of these questions have lead me to do fascinating things. I have learn quite a bit of meditation techniques (I don’t use them every day. I use them on an as-needed basis). I have read like crazy for the last few decades. I have read history, mythology, religious texts, spiritual texts, science, quantum physics, psychology and more. Every line that I have read has lead me look at our life with UTTER AWE.

I will fail utterly if I try to synthesize my learnings. Simply because, you can’t synthesize these learnings. The only thing you can do is walk through that journey and experience it.

My mom knows quite a bit about astrology. As much as I love and respect her, I thought astrology was BS. But, on many occasions, she could predict with great accuracy occurrences in my life. It was creepy. Given the rational thinker I am, I would discount it as coincidence.

But my undying search for what is not meeting the eye, has lead me to a field that I never thought I will read about.

Yes, my latest fascination is with astrology and astronomy.

There is unbelievable amount of science and astronomy and math (all subjects that I love to geek out about). I am dumb-founded by how much people knew centuries ago about the planets, their orbits, the constellations and with such great accuracy. I have just begin to scratch the surface of it.

If you are into this subject and have book or blog recommendations, punch it in the comments section or private message me.

If you are going to be meeting me in the next few months, go ahead and use these buzz words to turn me on – ascendant, midheaven, karmic journey, prediction analysis, constellations, equinoxes, sidereal zodiac, tropical zodiac, stellium.

If you are like me, I know you are thinking “Ambal, what a bunch load of crap?”

So, I will leave you with the 2 thoughts:

Thought 1:
Our beautiful earth has 75% water. The moon (not even a planet, just a satellite) is about 238,900 miles away.

Despite the distance, the gravitational interaction between the Earth and the Moon causes tides. That is approx 326 million trillion gallons of water being drawn back and forth by an object 238,900 miles away.

An average adult’s body is 60-70% water..about 10 gallons.

10/326 million trillion = 3.06*10^(-20)

The liquid in your body is about 3*10^(-20) that of the earth’s water.

Ever wonder what is happening to all the liquid (intracellular/extracellular/transcellular/interstitial fluid, blood plasma etc) in your body as the day, month and year progresses?

Thought 2:
Look up at the night sky tonight and say aloud what we all uttered as children – “WOW!!”

Keep that wonder alive.
Keep looking for what doesn’t meet the eye.
It is what makes life so much more interesting.

My Love Affair with Math will Never Ever End

We all have a responsibility to volunteer somewhere and I’m lucky that I get the education and get taken to places to see what’s out there and see what’s happening and to then be a part of it in hopefully an impactful way.
-Jennifer Garner

My love affair with math will never ever end.

I volunteered at Adi’s math club yesterday to share my love of math with middle school students.

In a parallel universe, I am a math professor.

To support the boys school, I have taken on many avatars.

Here is one of them. Crossing guard.

Crossing Guard Avatar - Ambal Balakrishnan