Every Act of Kindness Originates Deep in the Heart

Ari brought home a small booklet this week. As I browsed through it, my heart started brimming.

Here are a few pictures from the booklet. Check out what a bunch of thoughtful kindergartners had to say about their classmate.

Nobody owes you and me anything. Nobody.
Every act of kindness originates deep in the heart.
So, even the slightest good attribute,
even the smallest help,
even the littlest thoughtful act needs to be appreciated.
We all know this.
But, sometimes, a bunch of kindergartners can be the spark to rekindle our kindness and thoughtfulness.

Look somebody in the eye today.

Tell them “You are special to me because ….”.

Here goes..

You are special to me because I learn from your responses.
You are special to me because you share things that make me want to be a better person.
You are special. Thank you.

Random Acts of Kindness

I had told my buddy that I would bring my camera along to capture all the lovely moments at her son graduation celebration.

On graduation day, parking was a nightmare.

I saw a family pulling into their garage (just about 1/4 mile from the high school) and asked “I am rushing to my friend’s son graduation. Can you please let me park in your driveway?” Guess what. They smiled and said “Yes”.

I thanked them, parked the car in a super-fast-James-Bond-style-turn and ran towards the soccer field to spot my friend’s son.

The boys and I went through a sea of people cheering for grads. I started clicking pictures.

That is when I spotted him. A stranger. He had a large zoom lens on his camera.

I rushed up to him and said “Can you please loan me your zoom lens for a couple of minutes to click some pictures of my friend’s son?”

He said “Sorry…this lens won’t fit on your camera. But, tell me when he walks up to the podium and I will click some pictures.”

When my friend’s son walked up to the podium, I clicked pictures and so did he.

I got his email address. That night, I emailed him my email address and asked him to send me the pictures. Just a few days later, he sent me several great close-up-shots of the newly minted graduate.

Sometimes, all it takes is just an ASK.