Every Day Life is very Interesting

Many of you ask me – “Ambal – How do you have so many things to say about every day boring things and occurrences?”

I don’t know quite know how to answer that question. So, let me do a show-and-tell.


Top: #dominantalleles (or something of that sort)
Gets the fix-things-and-help-Amma genes from both sides of the family.

Bottom: #toomanyboys
How many boys (and how many hours) does it take to put a tiny writing table together?

See? There is so many things to say about everyday boring things and occurrences.

What is this Brown Translucent Thing?

May you live in interesting times.

Adi found this in the closet that I store some of my most precious belongings (photos, hard-drives containing photos, photo albums, more photos, more hard-drives containing photos, more photo albums etc).

He asked me “Amma, What is this brown looking translucent thing?”

As always, I am going to try to patiently explain to him that it is a Photographic film. I am also going to explain to him there were no digital cameras when I was growing up. I am sure he is going to be shocked!


The other day he asked –  “Oh wow. Is that an actual chalk ? I haven’t seen one of those.”

Somehow, today, I do feel we live in “interesting times”. Don’t you?