The World’s Best Sweet Potato Casserole

I have been very bad this year. Also, I know Santa put me on his Naughty list in early Jan.

It is ok. I don’t really mind.

Because, look what my friend Jyotsna Rao brought over. The world’s best sweet potato casserole. Yum!! Thanks J!

I hope y’all are winding down the year and getting ready for Christmas.

Holidays Almost Here!

In a mad rush through the evening chores, I went to the backyard to drop off some plastic stuff in the recycle bin and saw this beautiful sight in our neighbor’s yard.

Don’t message me with – “Ambal, WTH? You are beginning to lost it yo. It is just a bunch of (bull) blurry lights.”

The lights remind me that the holidays (and much needed down time for me and the family) are not too far away. Yipee!!

Come on. Admit it. Are you not excited about the lights?

I really like how this week is beginning to slow down to get us started for Thanksgiving.

Holiday Watch List – Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean

Besides getting through holiday chores list, hanging out with friends at parties, hogging good food, airport pick ups and drop offs, doing road trips on a whim….the boys and I are going to be binge watching Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Side note: My fellow Thalivar/Rajnikanth fans – Don’t be disappointed or angry about the lack of Thalivar movies on this year holiday’s watch list. If I suggest one more Thalivar movie to the boys, I might have to spend the holidays on the streets.

Adi is fascinated with Star Wars because he has learnt that today’s scientists primary childhood influence was Star Trek and Star Wars. He has been selling this idea to Ari.

My fascination with pirates started young due to my avid reading habits. Robin Hood (not a pirate…but an outlaw) and Daphne du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek were my favorites. I read those along with Valmiki, Leo Tolstoy and Thomas Hardy. There is no connection whatsoever between these genres. But, that is what makes reading interesting. You travel through worlds that are so different. To end with the ra ra…I am going to influence the boys to watch Pirates of the Caribbean for one simple reason – my never ending crush on Captain Jack Sparrow.

Hope your having an absolutely wild and fun holiday!!

P.S. The photo was taken in Disneyland when Adi gave Darth Maul a run for his money on the lightsaber. Darth didn’t know that Adi was Bay Area Silambam master Veda’s protege.

True Independence – in Your Thoughts and Deeds

It is not about the smell of the BBQ.
It is not about the sound of the fireworks.
It is not about the chaos of sales in the malls and car lots.
It is NOT.

It is about having your head held high.
It is about feeling what you want to feel….freely.
It is about saying what you want to say….freely.
It is about living the life you want to live….freely.
It is about dreaming….and making all your dreams come true…FREELY.

It is about Independence.

Say, it with me…slowly….I N D E P E N D E N C E.
Relish it as you say it.

I wish you true Independence…in your thoughts and deeds.

Happy 4th!