In Sickness and In Health

We all need at least one friend to make us soup/rasam when we are sick.


What if you are lucky enough to have both mushroom soup and sukku (dried ginger) milagu (black pepper) thippili (long pepper) rasam within a couple of days from 2 different friends? In my dictionary, that is kind of like winning 2 mega lotteries within a couple of days.

Thanks Chandreka Kaushik and Rohit Dhamankar. Perhaps, I should pull of the “cold” act a few more days.

Packaged Noodles with Turmeric and Kale

The boys have been bugging me to make packaged noodles.

Every time they say the word “packaged noodles” a cold shiver runs up my spines. They do understand the benefits of eating healthy..due to the health education in school, my non-stop conspiracy theories on the food/pharma industry and my carefully placed “healthy lifestyle documentary” watching schedule on a monthly basis.

Even with all that…they are still kids.

So, today, I relented and made them some packaged noodles.

In order to the combat the #$%^ in the packaged noodles, I did what the actual witches do….threw in some turmeric powder and chopped kale.

As I served the noodles, I tried hard to contain my evil laughter.

I expected an “urgghhh” groan from the boys…but the kale and the turmeric went completely unnoticed with the joy of eating the hot piping noodles.

Not Yellow Water. Pure Thoughtfulness and Love.

It looks like some yellow water.
Does it not?

Well, it is not.
It is 23.7 fl oz (700 ml) of pure thoughtfulness and love.

Are you ready to hear today’s story? Well, here goes.

Adi has been suffering from allergies, cold and cough due to the bad weather.
On one of the nights, he felt so sick that he just wanted to cuddle with his Big Bear Appa. He did. The next day, Big Bear Appa started sneezing.
And, then the cold, cough and sickness saga continued on in the Kumar household.

After I got back home last evening, I told Big Bear Appa that my nose was beginning to clog up and I could feel the symptoms of a cold coming on.

So, he immediately dumped some Vitamin C packet into my water bottle, handed it to me and said “Ayyo Ammadi…nee sicka iruntha yevandi thanguvan. Padithi torture pannudiva.” (Rough English Translation: Oh Boy…if you fall sick there is nobody who can handle you. You’ll torture me.)

That is the story of 23.7 fl oz (700 ml) of pure thoughtfulness and love.

So, I drank it yesterday night and feeling ready to torture the boys some more this week.