Valentine’s Day Gift

I have told the boys that I don’t need any gifts for birthday or Christmas or Valentines Day.

So, they usually take me out to lunch or dinner or cook a meal… spend time together.

This Valentine’s Day, Adi surprised me by giving a Jawbone….it is some wearable gadget to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Its lean and mean….kind of like me.

Maybe, just maybe…. I’ll change the Kumar’s household policy on gifts.


I much rather have the present (as in moment) rather than any present.

That said, I am going to let Adi see how much I am enjoying this by putting it to power use.

Have you Figured out the Way to your Girl’s Heart?

No rose bouquets.
No gold earrings.
No diamond rings.
Because, he has figured by now, that none of that is needed.

After all these years, he continues to vie for my love and attention with lenses and HDs (in terrabytes!).

He follows up the gifting with some unmentionables ($&#*) that fall under the “indecent proposal” category.

Here is to all the men that have figured out the way to your girl’s heart.

Love and Peace.

P.S. If you are trying to be nice to me, bring books or food. Don’t bring lenses or HDs. He would fight you to death. You have been warned.