Elbow Pasta Salad

Kumar made some awesome pasta salad for dinner today evening.

First, he boiled some twisted elbow pasta. He added lots of veggies from Costco Sweet Kale/Chou Frise Doux packet. Then, he added dates, apples, avocado, cucumber. Finally, he poured in some Thousand Island Dressing.

Super yummy pasta salad!

Learning to appreciate how Logical Indian Food is

Cold, wet, windy, rainy day.
Hungry me.
Pepper Curry (Milagu Kuzhambu) + Pumpkin Dish (Poosanikai Kootu).
Happy me.

I am finally beginning to understand and appreciate how logical Indian food is. Pepper has many medicinal benefits. Milagu Kuzhambu is a staple in South India during winters because it helps prevent and cure the common cold. The dhal in Kottu has high protein. Protein in-take helps burn energy slowly during the cold winter days.