To Strive To Seek To Find

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Through all the ups and downs,
through the sunny and windy days,
through the stormy and rainy days,
through the stable and unstable days,

I’ll give everything a shot that it deserves,
I’ll do whatever it takes,
I’ll walk with you,
I’ll move across the world or country…
just because you ask me to and because you put your hand in mine when I asked for it a long time ago.

He doesn’t say anything like the above mentioned lines.
He doesn’t have to…
because he lives like that everyday.

Now, if only, I could do the same for him.

Well, soon.
Some day in the near future, I’ll pick up and go wherever he wants me to.

Until that day arrives, I know he’ll continue to roam the world with me… wherever I want us to go.

Sweet Baby Peppers Kebabs

With my questionable cooking skills, I should be the last person on this planet posting bbq/kebab pictures.

Anybody who has ever bbqed or made kebabs is rolling in their graves now. God bless their hearts.

Anyways, since it cold outside and bbq season seems so far away, I wanted to bring some warmth into our household.

So, I soaked these sweet baby peppers in garam masala, salt, pepper, olive oil and stuck it in the oven.

I hope the boys will like it.

Sunday Lunch with Family

If you know me really well, then first take a deep breath and say ” peace” before you see the picture or read this post. I don’t want to give you a heart attack.

As I was growing up, I never thought that I would grow up to be a mom. Or a mom that cooked a hearty meal for the family on a Sunday afternoon. Those thoughts never crossed my mind.

But, I do now. I cook a hearty meal. And, receive immense happiness from doing it.

During the weekday evenings, we do share dinner. But, it is not at the dining table. One might be eating at the nook. The other one on the bar stool. One might be busy putting the rotis on the tawa. One might be bossing everybody around to call it a wrap and get to the evening to-do list for the day.

I used to be on the run on Sundays too. However, I have made a conscious effort nowdays to cut down on our social commitments and at least share one meal of the weekend together around the dining table. So, Sunday meals are special. We try to sit down together.

Thank you to all my friends (both the gals and the boys) who have inspired me with their cooking skills. I know what you guys are murmuring as you are reading this post. “That’s my girl.” I am glad that I am finally making you proud.

P.S. Don’t message Kumar about how the lunch tasted today afternoon. By now, you already know, for that area to improve, I have a few more decades to go!

Have you Figured out the Way to your Girl’s Heart?

No rose bouquets.
No gold earrings.
No diamond rings.
Because, he has figured by now, that none of that is needed.

After all these years, he continues to vie for my love and attention with lenses and HDs (in terrabytes!).

He follows up the gifting with some unmentionables ($&#*) that fall under the “indecent proposal” category.

Here is to all the men that have figured out the way to your girl’s heart.

Love and Peace.

P.S. If you are trying to be nice to me, bring books or food. Don’t bring lenses or HDs. He would fight you to death. You have been warned.