The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Research has shown that the brain does not spend much energy on habit based actions. Our capabilities of being frazzled and distracted have increased over time. Information about these habits purposes to impart you with knowledge on how you can become an effective individual at work and generally in life.

What is the big idea?

  • Be Proactive
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • Put First Things First
  • Think Win-Win
  • Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
  • Synergize
  • Sharpen the Saw

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Habit#1: Be Proactive

Being proactive entails being responsible for everything that revolves around your life. Individuals who are proactive can see that they can respond to happenings in their lives. Reactive is the opposite of being proactive. Proactive people will understand their responsibilities in their lives and therefore take the appropriate actions on matters. Proactive people will be driven to achieve their goals regardless of the surrounding circumstances. 

Habit#2: Begin with the End in Mind

Begin with the end in mind is based on one’s ability to see with their mind what cannot be seen physically. There are both physical and mental creations in this habit. The same way construction follows a blueprint; the physical creation follows the mental creation. When one does not make efforts to envision whom they aspire to become, they are empowering other people to make decisions that lead default shaping their future. Putting your goals and targets first reaffirm that you are moving your ideas into reality.

Habit#3: Put First Things First

Put first things first means that you have to set your priorities right and in order. It is essential to understand that you do not have to prioritize everything that comes your way. There is no point in over-stretching yourself; this will make you less effective. It is important to realize that you have the power to say no to things that are not priorities. This habit entails management and controlling of your priorities, roles, values, and your objectives. If you set your priorities, you will be able to manage and organize events and time according to the individual preferences you set in the second habit; Begin with the end in mind.

Habit#4: Think Win-Win

Majority of people love to base and measure their self-worth based on competition and comparisons. We think of succeeding based on another person’s failures in that if “you lose I win” and vice versa. There is a better alternative. Think win-win. Solutions and agreements cane be made mutually, making them beneficial and satisfying. An organization or a person who approaches issues with the win-win attitude has three essential character traits which include maturity, integrity and abundance mentality. You also have to be confident and brave to go win-win. 

Habit#5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

In life, communication is a very vital skill. Therefore, are you a good listener? A significant percentage of people will want to get their points across first. This will sometimes lead to ignoring what the other person is saying and therefore you will not understand them. A vast number of people will not listen to understand but to answer. Listen. Understand. Answer. 

Habit#6: Synergize

Two ideas put together are better than one. This habit entails the creation of cooperation. Synergy is also Open-mindedness and teamwork. Can you put together you expertise and life experiences to create synergy with another party? Synergy allows unveiling of good results we would not discover on our own. You will attain new insight when they start to interact with each other honestly. You will know you are in synergy when you start viewing things from a different perspective. Being able to value how people are different will help you see and drive synergy.

Habit#7: Sharpen the Saw  

Enhancement and preservation of your greatest assets mean to sharpen the saw. You have to have a balance in all life areas which include spiritual, mental, social and physical. One needs to eat, exercise and rest enough to be productive. Also, it is of great importance to be social, read more for mental growth and expand your spiritual self through prayer, music, and art. Practicing this habit keeps you rejuvenated as you engage in practices of the other six habits. Your ability to handle challenges and being productive increases tremendously.

Habit#8: Find your Voice and inspire others

Finding your voice tells you to discover work that encourages your talent and motivates passion. Finding your voice indicates that you are no longer on the path of mediocrity but on the right track. You will be able to increase your feeling of contentment by assisting others in helping theirs. Inspiring other too to find their voices by respecting, recognizing and creating meaningful opportunities. 

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