Content Marketing Tools Series #5

About is The world’s largest community for sharing infographics and data visualizations. Data visualization is nothing but any graphic that displays and explains information, whether that be data or words. Infographics are data visualizations that present complex information quickly and clearly, be it maps, signs, and charts.

Here are interesting 4 features that make unique

1. Visualization made easy: Until now it was not easy to create data visualizations. But with one can create professional quality designs with data. You no longer need expensive software, extensive design skills, or number crunching ability.

2. Easy to showcase your work and share: Once you have made your infographic or data visualization, it’s easy to showcase by publishing on profile and share.

3. Importance of Infographics: Infographics change the way people find and experience stories, especially when more and more infographics are being used to augment editorial content on the web.

4. Easiness in communication: help communicate complex ideas in a clear, compact and beautiful way, taking deep data and presenting it in visually.

How can marketers leverage

1. Data interpretation made easy: Infographics create a new way of seeing the world of data, and they help communicate complex ideas in a clear and beautiful way.

2. Promote the work: profile serves as work portfolio and exposes the work to site visitors. It also tracks how popular the content is.

Industry Examples

1. Atlantic: The Atlantic uses to feature news and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international and life.

2. National Geographic: National Geography shares its amazing stories with the help of infographics made through

Plans and Pricing

So if you have data you can partner with and make it compelling. has plans for individuals and organisations.  For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

Content Marketing Tools Series #4 Outbrain

Helping Readers Discover Interesting ContentAbout Outbrain

One of the biggest challenges faced by Marketers is in driving the right audience to content efficiently.Outbrain is an interesting tool that helps in solving that problem.

Outbrain, founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York powers content recommendations helps people discover great new content to read online. Outbrain promotes almost all types of content -videos, advertorial, corporate blog posts, positive product reviews and conversations about your brand.

Here are 5 interesting features that make Outbrain unique

1.        Driving Traffic: Outbrain helps in bringing traffic to your great content.

2.        High Clickthrough Rates: Outbrain clickthrough rates are the highest when compared to others and that makes Outbrain  more cost efficient than most other forms of marketing.

3.        High Reader Retention: Readers who discover content through Outbrain spend more time on the marketer’s site than readers coming to your website via organic search.

4.        Pay for the Traffic: You can promote as much content as you want, and you pay only for the traffic that you receive.

5.        Insights: Insights are very keen when it comes to content marketing. Outbrain provides insights into which of your content readers find interesting and sharable, helping you refine your content and media strategy. No additional creative, campaign set up or optimization is required.

How can marketers leverage Outbrain?

1.        A tool to drive traffic: Using Outbrain marketers can drive more traffic to your website.

2.        Amplify social media campaign: People are discussing your brand online every day. Consumers always listen to positive, authentic voices written by independent 3rd parties that serve as powerful endorsement of your brand. Using Outbrain, you can keep the momentum going and expose millions to press releases, media coverage and positive product reviews.

3.        Audience development for your corporate blog: Outbrain helps in building a dedicated follower base for your blog.

Industry Examples

Slate: An Online magazine of news, politics, and culture. Outbrain’s recommendation engine has helped in increasing lift and revenue from displaying reader friendly links to other pieces of content.  It also helped in increasing engagement.

The Seattle Times: An online portal for 24 hour daily local news, sports, arts and entertainment. Outbrain’s widgets helped in delivering better results. The users found the recommendations to be relevant and interesting. Just a few months after launching, Outbrain has driven millions of page views on and a terrific click-through rate.

Plans and Pricing

Outbrain has free service and paid version. There are various plans for Publishers and Marketers. For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

Checkout the Pllop on Outbrain here.

Content Marketing Tools Series #3 SlideDeck

About SlideDeck

It’s not necessary that you have a great content, you present it to people and they readily appreciate it. How you present that content is equally crucial for its success and reach. They way you present your content in an interesting and creative way also plays a key role in its acceptance.  SlideDeck helps in organising any type of content into a beautiful, customizable and user-friendly slideshow.

Here are interesting 4 features that make SlideDeck unique

1WordPress admin integration: The WordPress version of SlideDeck integrates seamlessly into the admin interface, allowing you to be up and running in minutes

2Handling mixed content: One of the major drawbacks of almost all the slide sharing tools is that you can only use images or use the same template for each slide. In SlideDeck you can use any types of content, i.e images, videos.

3. Dual-axis sliding: Here is another interesting feature, SlideDeck PRO lets you explore your content both horizontally and vertically within one presentation. Now you can move your slides vertically and horizontally.

4. Touchscreen compatible: Quite useful feature where the number of people who access your content from smart phones and tabs.

How can marketers leverage SlideDeck?

Here are some interesting ways in which Marketers can make use of SlideDeck,

1. Work effectively: Save hours of development time for creating custom sliders.

2. Be creative and attract more prospects: You can create varied slides within one presentation and by doing so avoid repetition.

Industry Examples, a site for pop music has used SlideDeck for showcasing various Bands.,  a site that helps in tracking out what users do in a particular website.

Plans and Pricing

SlideDeck comes in SD Lite and SD Pro with lots of interesting and useful features. For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

Checkout the Pllop on SlideDeck here 

Content Marketing Tools Series #2 Brainshark

Online and Mobile Video Presentation Tool

About Brainshark

Brainshark is an interesting content marketing tool that enables you to easily create, share and track online and mobile video presentations.  Brainshark on-demand video presentations – which you can create quickly and easily – provide a high impact, low cost means of communicating important and timely information.

Here are 2 interesting features that make Brainshark unique

1.        Easy to create and share

Creating online video presentations is quick and easy to do with Brainshark. Once you have content (PowerPoints, documents, photos or video clips) ready, you need to login Brainsharkaccount, upload the content and then optionally add audio by phone, microphone or MP3 upload. Brainshark also provides sharing option for the content you’ve created. The presentations can be shared as links in an email, posted to social media sites or embedded in blogs or websites.

2.        Analytics

Brainshark provides unparalleled capabilities to track the viewing activity and collect interactive feedback from your audience, so you can actually measure how impactful your content is.

Analytics is key in any online content marketing. Once your presentations are viewed, you can track the viewing details, including who viewed it, what they viewed, when they viewed and even where they viewed it. You can receive email alerts with the viewing data or log in to yourBrainshark account to access online dashboards and reports. The analytics helps to measure the effectiveness of your communications and prioritize follow-up activity with viewers.

How can Marketers leverage the Brainshark?

Here are some interesting ways in which Marketers can make use of Brainshark,

1.   Business Communication Tool:    Brainshark is a powerful business communication solution for any enterprise. Brainshark can be used by companies across all industries to deliver impactful and measurable video communications.

2.   Demand Generation Tool:   Brainshark can be used in Marketing as a tool to power demand generation programs and increase the quality and quantity of leads.

Industry Examples

Aviva group has used Brainshark videos as online presentation for marketing staff.

Knowledge Institute, a leader in entrepreneurial education and developmentusesBrainshark to deliver course in Entrepreneurship.

 Plans and Pricing

Brainshark has various plans for Individuals (My Brainshark, Pro and Pro Trainer) and for Enterprises (Brainshark Presentation).

For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

Checkout the Pllop on Brainshark here

Content Marketing Tools Series #1 Animoto

An interesting Video based Content Marketing Tool

About Animoto

Animoto is an interesting content marketing tool for creating video pieces from photos, video clips, and music. Using the latest in entertainment post-production technologies, Animoto is designed to bridge the gap between the high production value of film and television, and the more “amateur” feeling of most user-created videos and photo albums.

So how does Animoto work? Animoto uses newly developed cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology that analyzes and combines user-selected images, video clips and music with the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are used in television & film.

Here are 4 interesting features that make Animoto unique

1. Easy sharing

Animoto helps  easy sharing of videos on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, via email or with a free iPhone app. Animoto videos can be embedded in a website or blog with a single line of code. Animoto Pro includes a customizable end-of-video button that helps in generating leads from the video.

2. Unique styles

Style determines the look and feel of any video. Every Animoto video is completely unique. The user can control the types of effects, backgrounds, and transitions by selecting a video style. Some styles are abstract while others are themed for a special occasion or time of year. Animoto Pro gives access to exclusive styles designed by professional photographers and business owners.

3. Music library

Music has a huge impact on video. Animoto gives access to a library of 13 genres. User can use these songs for personal videos on Facebook, YouTube, or blog.  One can also upload you own MP3. Animoto Pro has more than 1000 commercially licensed songs in 15 different genres.

4. iPhone App

Animoto has introduced a new mobile app, which helps to create, share, and watch your videos anywhere you go and can be easily shared via email, text, Facebook andTwitter.

How can marketers leverage the Animoto?

Here are some interesting ways in which Marketers can make use of Animoto,

  1. E Book/ Slides -> Video: You can leverage the key ideas in your ebook or slides and make them into an interesting video with Animoto.
  2. Online product Marketing: Animoto is a powerful tool when it comes to Online product Marketing. Select the best pictures of your product, pick a great music and create a cool video with Animoto.
  3. Digital Story telling: Digital storytelling is the art of telling stories with images and audio. You can create exciting, fascinating and innovative movies from still photos.

Industry Example

Here is an interesting example of Animoto by a company named Sweet Spud

Plans and Pricing

Animoto comes in three plans, lite, Plus and Pro. Lite is a free version where the length of the video you can make is only 30 seconds. To make longer videos requires a paid account. For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

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