Content Marketing Showcase Series # 10 French Connection YouTube Channel

Name: Youtique: French Connection’s Twitter Handle

Social Media has become a deeply integrated aspect of content marketing strategy. YouTube is one great social networking tool that helps brands to reach out to their customers in real time. What to wear is the biggest dilemma when comes to Fashion wear. Fashion retailer French Connection knew how often its target audience was asking this question, and happily responded by creating a YouTube channel: Youtique. The company combines the mini-video format of YouTube with the ethos of the Home Shopping Network to offer women snack-sized personal shopping videos based on occasion. In short, it’s every woman’s dream.

Type of Content: You Tube Channel

Why is this cool content marketing?
1. ‘Youtique’ is a collection and compilation of bite-sized fashion videos that inspire customers what to wear for every occasion. There are videos that discuss fashion trends, fashion tips, as well as its television commercials. The design of the channel incorporates links to its online store, Twitter, Facebook, email newsletter and blog.

2. ‘Youtique’ is the very first ‘webshop’ on YouTube. It’s not the entire shop, but definitely one of the smartest online shopping windows we have ever seen.

Content Marketing Showcase Series # 9 Nike Better World Microsite

Name: Nike Better World
The Nike Better World Project is an initiative by Nike which helps to “better” the world we live in. Nike recycles different objects to make performance apparel and shoes and basketball courts. Nike also tries to bring attention of war, homelessness, HIV awareness, and the less privileged around the world. The site also talks about health issues among children, latest being a report on how the physical activities among children dropped by 20% in the U.K. and 32% in the U.S. In China, the drop is 45% in less than one generation. Nike is using the power of sports and its brand recognition to make the world a better place.
Type of Content: Microsite.

Why is this cool content marketing?

1. Storyboard-style: microsite uses HTML5 to present content in a hip storyboard-style that amasses all the goodness of the brand and delivers it in an unusual, scrolling format.

2. 100% recycled advertising:  The best part is that “Better World” video is made from 100% recycled advertising. No new footage is recorded and produced to make the film. The commercial recycles all the classic and iconic Nike commercials to introduce this special initiative.


Content Marketing Showcase Series # 7 hunch’s infographics

Name:  Hunch’s infographics
Hunch personalizes the internet by helping in sharing and discovering great recommendations about connecting every person on the web with their affinity for anything, from books to electronic gadgets to fashion or vacation spots. Hunch provides personalized recommendations on and is now partnering with other companies to power custom recommendations on 3rd-party sites and applications.

Type of Content: Infographic.

Why is this cool content marketing?

1. Made content digestible: makes data visualization light, fun and accessible with infographics.

2. Hunch’s infographic on Taste Graph:

Hunch’s feed contains recommendations made by people and draws upon the Taste Graph to assign a predicted rating for recommendation. Here is the infographic on Taste Graph.

Content Marketing Showcase Series # 6 Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine

Name:  ZN : Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine. is an online shoe and apparel shop.  Zappos has grown to become the largest online shoe store. Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine iPad app, ZN shares the latest fashion trends. Over the years, Zappos has been moving toward selling more than shoes and has been successful in integrating compelling stories with reviews on ZN.

Type of Content: iPad app.

Why is this cool content marketing?

1. Content to commerce: One can purchase any product of Zappos directly from the iPad through ZN app. This option is a great example of content to commerce strategy.

2. User generated content:  In ZN app you’ll find trends, stylist’s tips, up-and-coming designers, gifting ideas, galleries created by users like you, and much more! Zappos has effectively used user generated content.

Content Marketing Showcase Series # 5 My Starbucks Idea

NameMy Starbucks Idea

Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, based inSeattle,Washington. They have come up with a community site named ‘My Starbucks Idea’ where anybody can come and share ideas. The ideas are split into three, Product ideas, Experience ideas and Involvement ideas.

Type of Content: Community site

Why is this cool content marketing?

1. The power of crowd sourcing: ‘My Starbucks Idea’ is a smart way of crowd sourcing ideas. Not only that you can share your ideas, but you can have a look at others ideas and also comment on them too.

2. Result oriented:  ‘My Starbucks Idea’ is not just a community where you leave the ideas and forget it. The ideas, once reviewed and found useful will be made into action. By doing this, you are recognizing the persons who had contributed the ideas and this inturn will motivate the community members to share more ideas.