On Times with the Boys

There are times that I adore the boys so much because they take such good care of me.
Case in point: picture on the top left.
Everyday in the morning, before I wake up, tooth paste is neatly placed on my tooth brush by one of my favorite boys (can’t say who, just guess who) so that I don’t even have to do that work in my morning rush.

Then, there are times that I don’t like the boys  because they drive me nuts.
Case in point: picture in the top right
No comments. The picture says it all.

Overall, mostly, there are times that I roll with the boys because they make me laugh my head off.
Case in point: pictures in the bottom
No comments. The picture says it all.

Families keep us going. Don’t they?!

On Living in a Household with 3 Boys

I swear.
One more time.
Just one more time they do this…I am going to have the boys taken out.

If you have a working prototype for toilet paper snapper (i.e., mouse trap like gadget for snapping hands of those that leave the toilet roll ON the handle), I’ll fund it.