On Equanimity

I have met the whole spectrum of people during the past few decades on this planet.

Every character trait or quality that I thought was needed for me to maintain a healthy relationship….well, they have come and gone like the seasons.

After all these years, there is only thing that is a bare minimum requirement now for a friend or family member.


Because, I am just over that age when I could deal with drama.

Do I sound like an old woman?

Yes, I do.

Because, if you count the storms I have weathered in my life and the oceans and the mountains that I have crossed to get here..I am a very old soul whose soul should have been broken long time ago.

But, I am still here.
A very old woman.

With a very young heart.
But, soul not broken despite all odds.
And, just looking for equanimity.

God forbid if that is too much to ask.