Fun Productivity Theories

This post in meant in jest.

I have read every book possible on time management and productivity. I have put them to power use. Over the years, I have also chanced upon some of my fun theories on productivity.

For example, I have noticed here is a positive correlation between how loudly the Macarena is playing and how quickly Adi’s homework gets done.

Fun Productivity Theories - 2 - Ambal Balakrishnan

On, a cold, foggy, muggy evening, there is so much magic that a cup of hot chai and a piece of crunchy pakora will do for my productivity.

Fun Productivity Theories - 1- Ambal Balakrishnan

Try it.

My Love Affair with Math will Never Ever End

We all have a responsibility to volunteer somewhere and I’m lucky that I get the education and get taken to places to see what’s out there and see what’s happening and to then be a part of it in hopefully an impactful way.
-Jennifer Garner

My love affair with math will never ever end.

I volunteered at Adi’s math club yesterday to share my love of math with middle school students.

In a parallel universe, I am a math professor.

To support the boys school, I have taken on many avatars.

Here is one of them. Crossing guard.

Crossing Guard Avatar - Ambal Balakrishnan

Happy Koodaravalli

Happy Koodaravalli!

Thanks to Appa and Amma for keeping track of all the little and big Indian festivals (too many of them!) and urging me to celebrate it with the boys.

It is a belief that each day of Marghazi month, Sri Andal Nachiar sang a verse of Thirupavai (totally 30 verses) in praise of Lord Narayana. While singing 27th verse “Koodaarai vellum seer Govinda…” Lord Narayana blessed Sri Andal with Thirukalyana Varam. Hence the 27th day of Margazhi month is celebrated as Koodaravalli.

On this day Lord Narayana blessed Sri Andal with marriage boon. Devotees go to temple, offer Ghee filled Akaravadisal to Lord Govinda and end Marghazhi Month Nonbu (fast).

I know. After reading all that I know what you are thinking.

“Ambal, let us cut to the chase. Where is my share of the akaravadisal?? Save some for me!”