The Story of 3 Monday Warriors

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…there lived 3 Monday Warriors.

They woke up on a Monday morning.

One went to high school and survived quizzes, tests and exams.

One went to work and survived meetings.

One just had way too much fun for a Monday.

They all came back home, shared a cup of chai and decided to take on the rest of the work that needed to be done on a Monday evening.

To all you #MondayWarriors and #MondaySurvivors – much love and light.

I would have bet Bolt hands down!

It is too bad that they didn’t hold the Olympics 100 meters dash in Ari’s parking lot today morning.

Between the comings and goings of my life and the boys life, it has been getting harder and harder to be in the many different places at the same time.

But, I decided that I need to be in the right place, at the right time with the right guy.

So, I told my colleague yesterday night that I wont’ be able to make it to the morning meeting. She obliged and moved the meeting. Bless her heart.

Today morning, I rushed to drop off Adi and my carpool at school.
Then, I rushed back home.
I got in the shower, got dressed and rushed to meet him.

All because, there was never a guy on this planet who wooed a girl for a breakfast date as much as he did.


There was never a mom on this planet who dashed from the parking lot to the cafeteria to get to the breakfast date on time as I did.

I would have bet Bolt hands down.

There is nothing Sexy about being a Parent

There is nothing sexy about being a parent. It is often boring and tiresome.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year…you wake up and do what humanity has done for its off spring to thrive.

Yet, when Kumar wakes up before all of us…then starts nagging us to wake up and proceeds to pick up Ari and carry him to the rest room to get him started on his morning chores….despite his yelling louder than my alarm clock to get me to wake up or else (some empty threat)…parenting doesn’t seem to be boring or tiresome.

In fact, I find the whole thing quite amusing and rather delightful.

Today, I let Wonder Win

Parenting is filled with several precarious moments.. like thee one I have today morning.

Remember your long forgotten wonder?

The wonder you felt when you put that sea shell or conch close to your ears and you heard the sound of the ocean waves?
The wonder you felt when you brought the sea shell or conch home and the sound of the ocean waves still persisted?
And, brought back memories of that beautiful sunny and playful day on the beach?

That is the wonder that Ari is enjoying at this moment.
That is the wonder that he wants to share with me.

Should I let science win? Or wonder win?

My rational mind wants to educate him about why is it that he can hear the sound of the ocean waves.
My better self catches me right when I am about to blurt out the science behind the sound.

I find myself crouching down to his level.
I let him put the conch on my ears.
And, like a child, I pretend to marvel at how the ocean waves followed the conch.
I see his eyes twinkle.
I let my eyes twinkle back at him.

Today, I let wonder win.
Because, I realize science will win with him sooner than I want it to.

In case your wondering (pun intended) about the ocean waves that persist, here is why: