Trip to Canada and Seattle

Kumar and I hiked, biked and walked through Seattle and Canada(Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, Sooke and adjacent towns) in the last few days.

There are no words to capture all the natural beauty, the man made wonders and the rich cultural history through which we took a fast paced tour.

I will sum up the trip (as I always do after every trip) with the following words:

2 eyes and 1 lifetime is not enough to see all the beauty of this planet that we call home.

The camera doesn’t do justice at all to the wonder we felt. However, Kumar and I tried our best to capture all the wonder we felt through digital images.

I am sure you will enjoy viewing these pictures as much as we enjoyed clicking these pictures.

I will leave you with a few lines from a Tamil song –
Poovukkul Olinthirukkum Kanikkoottam Adhisayam,
Vannaththu Poochchigalinmael Oaviyangal Adhisayam,
Thulaisellum Kaatru Mellisaiyaadhal Adhisayam,
Gurunaadhar Illaadha Kuyil Paattu Adhisayam

Translated into English these lines mean the following:
Fruits hidden within flowers are a wonder,
Paintings on a butterfly wings are a wonder,
Music created by wind going through a small hole is a wonder,
Cuckoo(that has no music teacher)’s song is a wonder