Handwritten Thank You Note from the Library

I love handwritten thank you notes.

Thank you Contra Costa County Library and Nancy Kresier for inviting me to share my ideas and feedback about the library.

Contra Costa County Library would like your input on a variety of issues in order to better serve the needs of our community. Your feedback will help greatly in their planning process. Please share survey link with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues so they can voice their opinions too. The survey will take you about 3 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking the time to provide valuable feedback.

Survey link – http://ccclib.org/mylibrary

Del Valle Camping Trip

There is something to be said about being outdoors on a camping trip.

It makes you realize how little you actually need to live and thrive. A tent, a sleeping bag and some basic food.

I just got back from a terrific camping trip to Del Valle with family and friends.

I clicked hundreds of pictures. This one is my favorite. Because, it marks the beautiful (and fleeting) nature of a child’s childhood moment.

Del Valle Camping Trip - 1 - Ambal Balakrishnan

What is your behind the Wheel Story?

I am Adi’s personalized chauffeur.

What is your behind the Wheel Story - Ambal Balakrishnan

Conversing in the car.
Playing his favorite songs on the car stereo.
Taking him to the park.
Taking him to play dates.
Taking him to parties.
Taking him to classes.
Briefing him.
Debriefing with him.
All in the car.

If my Toyota Sienna had to tell its story, I am sure it will be an interesting and fun one….and a very long story.

What is your behind the wheel story?

Adi’s Birth Story

4 days had passed since he was born.

Kumar, Grandpa and I rushed to the hospital for the first week doctor check up.
We were running late….with a wailing baby in the car seat. Kumar pulled through to the clinic’s driveway to drop me off. I jumped off the car and rushed to the front desk.

The receptionist asked me “Who is the appointment for?”.

I responded “I have an 8.30am appointment for my son. His last name is spelt – K – U – M – A – R”.

As I said it, I realized it was the very first time I had said “MY SON”. Suddenly there was a new relationship with a new person. That new person…that was my son. MY SON. As, I said it, my heart became stronger and weaker all at once.

The last few years have been a wild ride with the boy who holds my heart strings in his hands.

Today, he is 11.

10 years ago he was 1. And, we were “one”.

He has a mind of his “own” now.
He and I don’t see eye-2-eye anymore.
He and I blow smoke off our shotguns every day.

Despite the “differences” his adolescence brings, we are still tied together at the hip. And, I hope that togetherness will last a lifetime.

Whether you are near or far, thank you for being in Adi’s life. Thank you for coaching him, sharing a laugh with him and wishing him well. Thank you for guiding me with your parenting tips.

Thank you for saying “Ambal, it is such a short time. Come on, hold it together, will you?”

True Independence – in Your Thoughts and Deeds

It is not about the smell of the BBQ.
It is not about the sound of the fireworks.
It is not about the chaos of sales in the malls and car lots.
It is NOT.

It is about having your head held high.
It is about feeling what you want to feel….freely.
It is about saying what you want to say….freely.
It is about living the life you want to live….freely.
It is about dreaming….and making all your dreams come true…FREELY.

It is about Independence.

Say, it with me…slowly….I N D E P E N D E N C E.
Relish it as you say it.

I wish you true Independence…in your thoughts and deeds.

Happy 4th!