A Wild Trip to Mexico

It all started a few weeks ago.

I gave Kumar one of my awesomely brilliant bright ideas.

“Dey Kumaru, boys have had a busy and rough year. So much has happened this year and we haven’t traveled much. Why don’t we take the boys somewhere…someplace quiet…..just to relax”.

The rest, as they say, is a danger-vacation story to be told and retold for several decades to come.

Dec 22 evening:

Within an hour and half of landing in Mexico, my hand bag with cash, credit card, passports, car key etc was stolen.

It has been a nightmare.

The boys are possibly beginning to find out how bad humanity can be….with what they saw on the security camera and how slowly everbody is moving on this case.

It is dark learning and this isn’t the kind of learning I intended for them in #Mexico.

We are trying to contact the Usembassy.gov to sort out paperwork.

Send us your positive vibes. Thank you.

Update on Dec 23 morning:
Thank you Friends for sending us prayers and positive vibes and reaching out in every possible way to help us. It has been a maddening nightmare in the last 18 hours. Boys and I are safe. We are at the embassy trying to sort out the mess and get emergency passports.

Update on Dec 23 evening:
We had a crazy day roving Cancun to take passport pictures, file for emergency passport and also fill out police report.

The 3 boys proved to me again they were men of mettle with how they handled all the curve balls with calm and resolve.

Thanks much to all of you for the flood of messages sending wishes and queries for how to help.

I am also thankful for those of y’all who tried to put a smile of my face by asking the following question in many different forms – “Given your penchant for drama and grandeur, did you stage the whole thing to teach the kids about safety when traveling !?”

Special thanks to my buddy Rohit for sending the boys birth certificate to Embassy to expedite emegency passport issual. I owe him a lifetime worth of chai.

We are safe. I count my blessings for that. I also count my blessings for a husband who never told me in the last 24 hours – “You should have kept the purse more safely”.

Update on Dec 24 afternoon:

Still lots of mess to clear up.

But, figured it is about time to bring the boys to the ocean and coconut trees.

Despite the lost passports/purse and all the ensuing mishaps, I am beginning to fall in love with this beautiful country and the effervescent smiling “hola” saying Senors and Senoritas.

For the record, Kumar is getting way too many “holas” from the beautiful chicas who are possibly mistaking him as one of their very own Hombreros.

Thank you for the outpour of good wishes, prayers, encouraging words and wise cracks that really did crack me up.

Love and light.

Anyways, one thing has led to another and before you know it, I find myself on this airport bench waiting to catch the flight back home.

After we get back home, I have to get new passports, new drivers license, new car keys, new house keys, replace credit card…as if that wasn’t enough, have to do loads of laundry and much more.

Hope y’all are having a great holiday and getting ready to call it a year.

Update on Dec 29 evening:

#ingratitude #homesweethome

We are back home! Yipee!

Thank you for sending prayers, white light and best wishes for us to return home safely. We appreciate it more than words can describe.

My bandana is in honor of the friendly folks at US consular office who moved so swiftly to get us the emergency passports.

The World’s Best Sweet Potato Casserole

I have been very bad this year. Also, I know Santa put me on his Naughty list in early Jan.

It is ok. I don’t really mind.

Because, look what my friend Jyotsna Rao brought over. The world’s best sweet potato casserole. Yum!! Thanks J!

I hope y’all are winding down the year and getting ready for Christmas.

Just 2 nameless people hanging out amongst the sea of parents

Just 2 nameless people hanging out among the sea of parents waiting for Ari’s winter concert to begin.

I find this moment of being lost in the crowd absolutely refreshing and delightful because it puts things in perspective about who the true stars are in the life of all these people gathered here.

Speaking of concerts, there is a reason this guy is still my all time favorite date for winter concerts. It is simply because to date (pun intended!) he hasn’t missed even one concert of the boys. He will get out of work, drive through traffic like a maniac, walk into a huge concert hall or gymnasium, scan rapidly to see where I am seated and yell on the phone “Yenga di irruku” (which loosely translates to “Where the heck are you?”). Then, he would rush to sit beside me and say “I made it!”.

I know historically women have fallen for and picked a dude who will shower them with gems and goodies.

Damn the gems and the goodies. I can’t take them to my grave anyways.

I will pick this dude all over again simply because he shows up at the right time to watch his boys and take my breath away.

Now, on to listening to Feliz Navidad.

Happy Karthikai Deepam

Happy Karthigai Deepam!

Every Karthigai Deepam the person I miss the most is my mother-in-law Girija. She made the world’s best Adai and paniyaram to celebrate Karthigai Deepam.

The boy and I lit lamps around the house and made adai with lots of coconut pieces. It is my way of paying homage to my mother-in-law Girija.



Holidays Almost Here!

In a mad rush through the evening chores, I went to the backyard to drop off some plastic stuff in the recycle bin and saw this beautiful sight in our neighbor’s yard.

Don’t message me with – “Ambal, WTH? You are beginning to lost it yo. It is just a bunch of (bull) blurry lights.”

The lights remind me that the holidays (and much needed down time for me and the family) are not too far away. Yipee!!

Come on. Admit it. Are you not excited about the lights?

I really like how this week is beginning to slow down to get us started for Thanksgiving.