Kids make the Cutest Things

Kids say the darndest things.
Kids do the funniest things.
Kids make the cutest things.

Ari made me this beautiful card for Mother’s Day.

The flower petals are made from color prints from his little finger tips.

I have no doubts. I am the luckiest girl on earth.

Happy Heritage Day

Adi’s school had arranged a celebration for Heritage Day today morning. Kids has dressed up in their traditional costumes. Each of them held a flag showcasing their heritage. It was such a wonderful sight to see.

Ad did a short 3 minute Silambam (Indian martial arts) to showcase his Indian heritage. He got a lot of kudos from his teachers and principals.

The best part of the event for Adi was when several pretty looking girls gathered around him after his Silambam performance. I over heard the girls saying “Hey…I didn’t know you could do something that cool”, ” Nobody can mess with you, can they” 🙂

The things that separate us (heritage, skin color, language, accent, goals, myths, beliefs etc) are all very miniscule compared to what unites as humanity (our common goals are all alike…are they not….to spread joy, to provide for our families/society/country/world, to live a meaningful life).

Happy Heritage Day. Spread the cheer around.

Karthikai Deepam

Karthikai Deepam or Karthikai vilakkidu is a Hindu specially Tamils Festival of Lights. The festival is observed in most Hindu homes and every temple, and falls in the month of Kārttikai (mid-November to mid-December) as per Tamil calendar.

Maa Vilakku (Rice Flour Lamp) is made during special occasions such as aadi velli,purattasi sani, thai month, karthigai deepam etc.

Maa Vilakku is a special lamp made with freshly ground rice flour and jaggery kneaded together as a dough with a dent in the middle where we pour ghee, place the wick(thiri) and lit the lamp.

Mavu Vilakku for Karthigi Deepam - 2 - Ambal Balakrishnan Mavu Vilakku for Karthigi Deepam - 1 - Ambal Balakrishnan