Using Twitter for Content Marketing: 10 Twitterers You Should Take Example On

Is it possible to do Content Marketing on a network such as Twitter? This form of marketing is all about, well, developing quality, valuable content, but how can you make this happen in 140 characters or less? Even though it might seem counter-productive at first, developing a Twitter strategy is not only possible but also desirable since it enables live discussions around people’s content, making it contributive and alive. Where blogs tend to be planned, Twitter is about immediacy. So how do you go about developing great Twitter content?

Learn from those who do it well.

These 10 twitterers all provide their followers with valuable content and interactions. Each evolve in their own field, it be the food, music or travel industry. These people all have thousands of followers who are eager to contribute and share with one another. Start following them and have a look at their feed – there’s a lot to learn just through reading and understanding a community’s interactions!

Pandora Radio

This internet radio station out of California has a very tight and active Twitter community going. Lucia takes care of the account and content, sharing and listening with fellow twitterers. If you have a music request, she’ll be there to make it happen!

Patsi from The Blog Squad

This is not the first we’re telling you about Patsi Krakoff, though this time we’re paying attention to her Twitter feed. Patsi broadcast interesting and meaningful content that supports and completes nicely her blog while also sharing with fellow marketers.


WholeFoods is extremely active with its followers – its feed is mostly filled with discussions and interactions. Ask and you shall receive as they say. By having such a tight relationship with its fan base, WholeFoods truly shows the benefits of listening and sharing for a brand.


Still in the food category, Foodimentary broadcast quirky and fun food facts while making good use of current news and events. This is a great example of well thought-of content strategy.


Ah, Oprah. She already has enormous success with her own personal brand and has taken her people along with her on Twitter. Here she successfully shares her thoughts about her show and life, as if she gave her people a behind-the-scene glimpse on her life. We do think she should follow more people and interact a little bit more.

MC Hammer

MC Hammer is very active in sharing and discussing with his fanbase, making them feel like he truly cares and listens. We also get to know this artist a little bit more each day thanks to his tweets.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck is a well-known and highly successful wine enthusiast. He pretty much applies to Twitter the same straight-talking, honest content marketing he has used on his blog and Web TV. He talks with his fans and helps them while sharing aspects of his personal life. Very entertaining!

Jet Blue and Southwest Airlines

These two airline companies both hold impressive Twitter accounts. They cleverly use these to broadcast local special offers. They’re active with their users, answering their questions and needs. Also, both seem very keen at promoting local activities and the likes, going well beyond their existing business. Jeff Jarvis would say that airline companies are in the business of connecting people – these twitter feeds prove it.


Etsy is the marketplace of artists and craftsmen. They’re using their Twitter feed to promote their users and connecting with the community, which is an extent of their website. They’re also great at promoting local communities and culture.

Would you mind sharing other twitterers who you feel have a great Content Marketing strategy?

White Papers – List of Lists – Part 3

This is the fourth and last installment of white paper lists for the month of June. The earlier posts on this subject were White Papers – List of “How To” Blog Posts, White Papers – List of Lists – Part 1 and White Papers – List of Lists – Part 2.

There is a treasure trove of information in these lists on how to write and market white papers. I separated the list into three sections:

  • List of Lists on writing white papers (published earlier this month)
  • List of Lists on marketing white papers (published earlier this month)
  • List of Lists on assorted topics related to white papers (published today)

Buckle up for a fantastic ride!

Assorted Blog Posts on White Papers

3 Reasons Why White Paper Demand is Spiking
It used to be that high-tech was the only place you saw white papers. Now white papers are working their way into ALL business-to-business industries. Read more thoughts from Michael Stelzner on 3 Reasons Why White Paper Demand is Spiking.

4 Reasons People Like Technology White Papers
The technology sector has adopted the medium more than any other single business industry. Why? Read Jonathan Kantor’s thoughts at 4 Reasons People Like Technology White Papers.

Five Ways to Extend the value of Your White Paper

Since white papers are informative in nature, white papers can also form the basis of a number of marketing applications. Learn from Jim Lodico – Five Ways to Extend the value of Your White Paper.


Tips on how to incorporate call to action in your white paper

By creating and distributing a white paper you educate and inform your target audience. However, there is also a goal that you are trying to meet. What is that goal? Do you want you readers to buy your product? Do you want them to sign up for a seminar? How can you persuade your customers and prospects to take action? Do you call out a specific action that your prospect has to take after reading your white paper? We have invited White Paper Experts to shed light on the following question: What is the best way to incorporate call to action in a white paper? Read on to get their insights.

Velocity’s B2B Content Marketing Workbook

We are very excited to bring to you Velocity’s latest eBook: The B2B Content Marketing Workbook -Thought Leadership for B2B Lead Generation and Beyond. Velocity’s latest eBook not only has a great overview on strategic B2B content marketing but also a very slick design.

Velocity’s B2B Content Marketing WorkBook covers these topics.

  • What is Content Marketing
  • Why you need to get good at  Content Marketing
  • Why you’re perfectly placed to do it really, really well
  • How to pick a topic prospects care about
  • What ‘good’ B2B Content Marketing looks like — lots of examples

We have invited Doug Kessler, the author of B2B Content Marketing WorkBook to discuss his eBook. Doug Kessler is the Creative Director and co-founder of Velocity, the London-based B2B marketing agency specializing in technology markets.  He started his career at Ogilvy & Mather New York on consumer accounts but quickly migrated to B2B, where his heart lies.

Doug Kessler

Blog Velocity-B2B Marketing Twitter DougKessler

Ambal Balakrishnan: Doug, it is a great pleasure to discuss your B2B Content Marketing WorkBook. What prompted you to embark on writing this eBook?
Doug Kessler: At Velocity, we believe that content marketing is the single most powerful weapon in the B2B marketing arsenal.  But we don’t see it well-executed very often.  The eBook is a quick, approachable way to introduce people to the principles and practices of content marketing.

Ambal Balakrishnan: Please walk us through the eBook writing life-cycle. How did it evolve and its journey from concept to launch?
Doug Kessler: It was quite quick, really.  I wrote it in a few hours (we live this stuff), had colleagues review it and comment, then gave it to Stuart Rothwell, one of our designers.  He did a great job making it friendly and easy to read.

Ambal Balakrishnan: Who is your eBook addressed towards?
Doug Kessler: It’s aimed at business-to-business marketers (though the ideas work in consumer marketing as well).  I was picturing a less experienced marketer but I hope there’s some value in it for more experienced people too.

Ambal Balakrishnan: How is B2B Content Marketing different from B2C?
Doug Kessler: B2B is about convincing someone to do something with rational argument.  B2C is often about appealing to people’s emotions.  I like building a case, in the same way as a lawyer does.  Of course, this also involves emotion, but you need a strong, rational argument. When I was in the consumer world, I never felt so good about executing strategies that essentially boiled down to ‘Be a good mother, use this fabric softener.’  It wasn’t so much a moral objection – just a bit embarrassing!

Ambal Balakrishnan: What is one change you recommend to B2B firms to do better in their Content Marketing initiatives?
Doug Kessler: Sounds obvious, but work hard to deliver real value to your audience.  The triple goal is to make them go out of their way to get the piece, to ‘consume’ it to the very end, and to recommend it to others.  That’s a tough challenge.  You can only meet it by putting yourself in the audience’s shoes and thinking hard about what information or insight they need to do their job better.

Ambal Balakrishnan: Give us few examples of businesses that are great at B2B Content Marketing?
Doug Kessler: Marketo is really good at it.  IBM and Cisco are massive (and pretty slick) content publishing machines.  Salesforce is excellent.  And one of our clients, ShipServ, really gets it too.  They’re tiny compared to the big boys mentioned here but they use Content Marketing really effectively (shameless brag: we just got shortlisted for a New Media Age Effectiveness Award for our work with them).

Ambal Balakrishnan: What are the 3 key lessons you want readers to take away from your eBook?
Doug Kessler: 1) Content Marketing is the most important thing you can do as a B2B marketer. 2) Harvest the expertise you have in-house and package it up with confidence. 3) Don’t just stick it on a shelf. Market the hell out of it (measuring all the way).

Ambal Balakrishnan: What one “get started on right way” change do you recommend to the reader of your eBook?
Doug Kessler: Look at your current content archive, decide what’s under-exploited and correct that. Re-package a boring white paper into a sexy eBook.  Stick it on SlideShare and ‘pimp’ it across the relevant social media groups (and Twitter).

Ambal Balakrishnan: Doug, thanks for taking the time to discuss Velocity’s B2B Content Marketing WorkBook and sharing your insights with us.
Doug Kessler: Thanks Ambal.

Download Velocity’s B2B Content Marketing Workbook here. Also check out Doug Kessler’s Using Twitter in B2B Marketing and Going social in B2B: seven automatic actions for every piece of content.

Over to you…
What is the one lesson from Velocity’s B2B Content Marketing WorkBook you will put to use in your Content Marketing?