On making a House a Home

Appa told me that for centuries a woman is the one that makes a house a home.

So, today evening, after a rather tough and busy week, as the boys and I try to get through our weekend to-do list, I felt the need to light some candles around the house to soak and relax the 3 hard working boys in aroma therapy.

Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.
– Robert Tisserand

Every Parent is a Kshatriya (Warrior)

Have you heard the story about the bee, Parashurama and Karna from Mahabaratha? One day while Parasurama was resting on the lap of Karna, a poisonous bee stung Karna. But he kept calm bearing all the pain, not to disturb his resting guru. Parasurama awakened by the warm blood oozing out of the bee sting wound, realized that only a Kshatriya not a Brahmana can have such pain tolerance.

Both Adi and I have been sleep deprived for many days last week. So, earlier this week, as his tiredness overtook him, we just found a quite corner in a busy building and he rested on my lap for half hour to catch a cat nap.

I didn’t move even a inch despite my leg going numb. If there was just a peep of sound anywhere close by, I swear, I would have silenced the source with the power of my mind to get him that much needed rest.

To risk making a fool of yourself

“To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself. – Anne Lisa Rice

And it’s not just writing. To create anything, means having to risk being rejected, admonished, criticized and yes, laughed at. And it doesn’t end at creating art, I think this risk happens when we live authentically. To do so is to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

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On Time

I had one of those serendipitous moments today.
It didn’t come easy.
I struggled for many decades because I didn’t even know what were the right questions to ask.
It only came because, over the years, I had gotten better at seeding the right questions in my brain.

Over the last 3 decades…by reading about time management, by using every time management tool there is possible, by optimizing, by juggling, by prioritizing and by trying to run my life as a project…..I haven’t actually been doing what I thought I did – Managing time instead of letting time manage me.

Due to my eastern learning, fortunately, I also know that time itself is timeless.

With that context, here is the realization that dawned on me today.

Ready for it?

I actual haven’t been managing time or let time manage me.
Something more.
I have been trying to OUTRUN time.
Did you hear that?

How foolish?
How contrived?
How conceited?
How powerful?
And yet, how foolish and futile?!

In the picture, I am trying to outrun time and make it to Mt. Whitney 14,505 feet peak by noon.

Yes, I braved changing mountain conditions with a couple of hailstorms and indeed bagged Mt. Whitney one beautiful day in Summer 2010, by noon time, as I had willed it.