On Compromise

He wakes up early. She wakes up late.

He likes sweet food. She likes spicy food.

He likes his veggies soft. She likes her veggies crunchy.

He likes to run. She likes to hike.

He likes his iPhone. She likes her android.

He likes to relax when vacationing. She likes to run around when vacationing.

He likes it when the weather is cool. She likes it when the weather is warm.

He rarely loses his temper with her. She often loses his temper with him.

His work space is well organized. Her work space is chaotic.

He leaves the kitchen messy. She leaves the kitchen spotless.

He leaves to work dressed suavely. She leaves to work dressed.

He is relaxed. She is worked up.

His words are delivered smoothly. Her words are delivered speedily.

Sometimes, I wonder how they made it through after all these years together.

After all these years,

he still applies tooth paste on her tooth brush to ease her hurried morning schedule

& she still is the first one to say sorry to end an argument or fight.

After all,

isn’t life about all the right compromises we make for our chosen ones? 

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