On Falling Leaves in Fall

Kadavul Thantha Azhagiya Vazhvu from the tamil movie Maiali is one of my favorite songs.

Check out these lyrics:

the leaves may shed in the autumn (to be interpreted as bad times),

but spring will return,

when the spring returns the sweet songs of the cuckoo’s will come back (to be interpreted as good times coming back),

some things in life end, after which they will replenish (like the pheonix)

these are lessons that life teaches us.

In Tamil:

oodaiyil indru izhaiyuthirum vasanthangal nalai thirumbi varum,

vasanthangal meendum vanthuvitaal kuyilkalin paatu kaatril varum,

mudivathum, pinbu thodarvathum,

intha vaazhkai sollum paadangal thaane, keladi

Listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vDex9pMKdE

Even if you don’t understand Tamil, the melacony in this song will tug at your heart and appreciate this life that we are fortunate to live..depsite all it ups and downs.

Source of translation: http://www.lyricaldelights.com/2012/07/13/maayavi-kadavul-thandha-azhagiya-vazhvu/

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