On Being Fearless

When I was a little girl, Thatha (Grandpa TVS) taught me a Bharathiyar poem.

We used to recite it together in a funny sing-song fashion.

As I started growing up, I would recite it to him like an orator……..giving it all that I had.

Long after he was gone, whenever I was faced with a storm, whenever fate conspired to throw me in the dark pits of life..I have recited the poem and have clawed the way out of those dark pits because I realized being fearless is an attitude.

Transliteration of Bharathiyar’s poem:

Achamillai, achamillai, acham enbadhu illaye,

Uchi meedhu vaan idinthu veezkindra podhilum,

Achamillai, achamillai, acham enbadhu illaye!

Rough Translation:

I have no fear, I have no fear, There is no fear in me,

Even if the sky above crumbles and falls down on me,

I have no fear, I have no fear, There is no fear in me!

When we jokingly recited the poem…..

Little did I know why Thatha taught the poem to me.

Little did he know the legacy he would leave in my heart and mind.

I am rooting for you. Be fearless.

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