On Remembering and Not Forgetting to Remember

Even Sunday afternoon pakora reminds me of Appa and Amma.

Amma used to love only the thool (powdered pieces) portion of pakora.
Appa would buy pakora only from 2 of his favorite places (one in Chromepet and one in Tambaram).
He said everybody else didn’t use the right oil or fry the pakora the right way.
He just wanted ONLY the best pakora for his 3 girls (Amma, my sis and me).
When he went grocery shopping, he would save the “pakora” buying for the last. After he bought the hot pakora, he would rush home so his girls would eat the hot and crunch pakora. He would take only a lil piece. I would urge him to eat more. But, he would always say “Nee sapadu ma” (roughly translated to – “you eat dear”).

So, how do I forgot?
How do I forgot the memories that are stored as bio-chemicals somewhere deep in my brain?

I understand now why Poet Kanadasan said –
Irandu manam vendum
Iraivanidam ketpen
Ninaithu vaada ondru
Marandhu vaazha ondru

He asked the Lord to give him two minds
One to remember
One to forget

I wonder why Kannadasan didn’t say
Irandu manam vendum
Iraivanidam ketpen
Ninaithu vaada ondru
Marakama vaazha ondru

Because, I ask the Lord to give me two minds
One to remember
One to remember not to forget

To all of you who have lost a loved one, I send you my love.

Remember not to forget your loved one.

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