On Living and Non living Things

We are crossing several milestones this summer.
It has been 2 years since Mommy passed on to higher realms.
It has been 6 months since Daddy passed on to higher realms.

It has been 5 years since we moved to TX.

Kumar and I spent several weekends this summer clearing out old boxes in the garage and closets.
I found so many photos, books, cards, letters and trinkets from the last few decades of life.

I found 1 sided papers and books that Daddy had given me in the boxes.
I also found spices and other kitchenware that Mommy had given me in the kitchen cabinets.

Papers, books, spices, kitchenware etc…things we typically call non-living things.

It turns out that non-living things are living on and are still here with me.
It also turns that people (Mommy and Daddy) that we call as living are not living anymore and are not here with me.

May peace prevail amongst both living and non-living things in this cosmos…however foolishly they are tagged as living and non-living things by the follies of the human mind.

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