The Confidence Code

I am often told that confidence is my biggest accessory. I typically thank the complimenter gracefully and move on to the discussion. However, the last few times I have been told this, my heart aches. My dad passed away in Jan and every time somebody says confidence, my heart fills with grief to know that I won’t be able to ever see the man who gave him everything he got (his soul and all his physical and non-physical resources) to give me what he thought was the 2 biggest equalizer off all – education and confidence.

Today’s book recommendation is about confidence.

Source: makeyourartwork

What is the big idea?

Does success depend on confidence or competence?

Co-authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipma feel that that women face a particular crisis — “a vast confidence gap that separates the sexes.”

How can one be confident?

Source: makeyourartwork
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