On Hurricane Ari Seeking Comfort

n Tamil there is a phrase that goes like this “Thai madi soorgam”. What it means is this – “resting on your mom’s lap is heaven”. Do you have fond memories of you resting on your mom’s lap or shoulders? It truly is a heavenly feeling…. is it not?

Unfortunately, like everything else in life, those moments doesn’t last forever.

When Ari is out and about, it is as if, a powerful hurricane hit you. He is so fast and so furious. He will be dancing, running, jumping and creating such a ruckus. And, then, when he lies down to rest at the end of the day….it is the most peaceful scene ever.

Last few weeks have been crazy with work and travel.. And, Hurricane Ari possibly missed being held close to mom at the end of every day.

So, I was very glad to wind down on Friday evening in the same room with Hurricane Ari. He rested on my lap and found comfort. As he rested and started his mild snoring, I tried not to move. I just sat there for an hour or so, patting him gently and continued my reading. Finally, when Kumar Nagarajan helped pick Hurricane Ari up, I limped over with my cramped legs and crashed on the bed to get some much needed rest.


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