On Being Happy

For more than a decade we have been sending the boys to Tamil school on weekends.
As part of that, there is weekly homework and monthly tests.
Getting the boys to finish homework and preparing for tests is a chore. 
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Typically, it used to be one of the grand parent’s weekend work.

Since, we have been living the last several years without grandparents support, that extra work of helping boys with Tamil has fallen to Kumar or me.
Kumar thinks I do a lousy job of it and teach kids all the Tamil slang and bad words.
So, he has prohibited me from teaching kids Tamil.
Anyways Kumar has been down with the flu. So, helping Ari with this month’s Tamil test has been added to my long list of to-dos for this week.

I start doing the chore….just as all we do chores….dragging my feet. Then, on page 2, I hit upon a very special dictation word – Magizchi (happiness).

I stopped going over the dictation words, and showed Ari some cool videos of Thalaivar saying Magizchi with great style.

 We put some Thalaivar songs and started dancing like crazy.

Adi (aka the reasonable and responsible one) yelled at me and reminded me to quit having fun with Ari because we hadn’t gone through all the material for the monthly material. He said “He is going to fail the test and Appa is going to yell at Ari and you. Save yourselves. Focus.”

So, Ari and I had to stop goofing off. We had to continue to do prep work for the monthly test.

After a long week of work, kids, commute, carpool, curve balls, traffic, meetings, deadlines and utter craziness…after all that….seeing that one single word on a dictation sheet…electrified and energized me.

It is very difficult to explain to somebody what that one single word uttered by Thalaivar means to a die hard fan like me.
Well, unless you are a fan yourself. Then, you will just get it.

Wherever you are….whatever you are doing…be happy.



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