On Roadside Wild Beauty

Texas heat index is rising steadily this summer. Kumar and I are trying to walk together at least a few times a week later in the evening instead of late afternoons.

As we were walking a couple of days ago, I spotted this road side beauty. Kumar did his usual rant-like-speech – “You better not stand there admiring that flower for next 10 minutes. I give you exactly 60 seconds. Admire it. Take a picture. Then, you are going to continue walking with me.”

I did just as Kumar instructed me to.

I don’t know what the name of this beautiful wild flower is.

It reminded me of a flower that Daddy used to bring from the market. It was called “vaada malli”. English name – Gomphrena globosa. Vaada malli had similar purple color, layered and spiky look.

This summer…pause wherever you are… at the beach, at the park, amongst the hills…or even alongside your own street… to take in a wild flower’s beauty.

Stay wild in your heart. And, go get ’em tiger.

Happy Summer.

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