On Making Up

I have a question for you.

Let us assume X = over your lifetime, the number of times you have made up with somebody (family or friend)
Let us assume Y = over your lifetime, the number of times somebody (family, or friend) made up with you

Is X > Y?
Is X = Y?
Is X < Y?

!!! Note!!! For many, many of my naughty buddies – Re-read the question carefully…question is NOT about making OUT……is it about making UP.

If you have ever shook hands, buried the hatchet, waved the white flag, declare truce, made peace, mended fences instead of calling it quits..give yourself a pat on the back.

No….seriosuly. I mean it. Stop reading. Pick up your hand. Move it your back. And, pat yourself.

It is never easy to make up and move on instead of giving up and moving on. Nice job.

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