On Failure

There is no failure when you are in the comfort zone.
In the safe zone….it is wonderful…. status quo…you are in cruise mode….it is calm and cool there.

But, that is not what excites you.
You want to break past that calm and cool….and you strive…oh, so hard. You rock heaven and earth.

Then, there is 2 possibilities.
Sometimes, you break through.
Sometimes, you stretch too far….you give it your best…yet, you fail.

You feel you are done because life is playing another one of those cruel jokes on you.
Your soul is completely crushed.
Your heart breaks.
You shed a few tears.

Then, you remember, you have done this many times over.
Getting up, no matter what has transpired, and walking forward has become part of your neuromuscular memory.

So, you get up to dust yourself.
Then you march forward….because that is what you have always done.
And, because, that it the only option that TRULY exists.

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