On Compromise

While I enjoy the company of friends and family, I am also a loner.
I like my quiet time.
I like to hang by myself and read a book or work and listen to music….just by myself.
However, those quiet moments are far and between.

We all go throw different choices and different paths in our life.
So, by making different choices, I would have had a lovely loner life.
I know, for sure, that I would have enjoyed that as much as I do this chaotic “lots of people in my life” life.

But, today, I had one of those aha moments.
I think my personality has changed for the better by having so many people in my life.

Because, I learnt over the years, there is also nothing wrong with being courageous enough to walk away from something toxic.
I also learnt that there is nothing shameful about comprising with friends and family.
There is nothing wrong with calling somebody and being the first person to apologize…not because you are wrong…just because you want to save the relationship.

I am only richer because of all this experience that life throws at me.

It doesn’t have to be about “my way”.
It is about “our way”.


Photo Model Credit:
 Pictures speak 1000 words. That is why I try to include a picture to go with the theme of the post. Thanks to Ari for being a willing model and shaking my hand to give this post that extra kick.
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