On Running for the Hills

I don’t know about getting wiser with age.
I do know that I am becoming more anti social with age.

I used to be more social.
I used to be more tolerant despite being able to see through situations.

But, now, as I age, I have not only honed the skill to see through situations but also have lost all my tolerance ability for BS.

I simply can’t stand deal with lies, fakeness or drama.
I am unable to.

I wish with all my heart to be tolerant.
But, I don’t do my usual Tolerate BS#1, Tolerate BS#2, Tolerate BS#3 counting…. because, I have realized that it is such a waste of my time and effort.
To make it easier for myself and to still exercise a semblance of tolerance…I run for the hills when I notice BS.

I run. For the hills. To save my own sanity.

I have half-a-lifetime’s worth of Tolerance credit that I need to debit as quickly as possible in the next 4 decades.
I am hell bent on debiting it like its nobody’s business.

So, watch out.

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