On Prayers and Hope

I am feeling rather feverish today.
Maybe it is my body’s way of saying it has taken too much for too long.
Maybe it is my body’s way of saying “Rest”.

Physically and emotionally, I have had a crazy few weeks.

Atleast 4 high school students have lost their lives in our Austin neighborhood.
The community has been mourning and trying to find answers….when none exist.

Every friend and well-wisher has been giving me advise on what to say and not-to-say to Adi during these trying times.

Between and comings and goings of our busy life, I have tried to listen to Adi. I have urged him to talk to me about how he is feeling about the recent happenings. I have tried to tell him that the pain that these 4 high school students suffered has ended. But, their family and friends have to live with the pain (possibly forever) and not having answers.

I pray for the departed souls to rest in peace and for those that are left behind to find peace as well.

Adi is a man of few words. The only thing he observed was this – “Amma, we had to continue our classes right after receving the sad news. The quizzes, the homework, the finals…every thing continued. The school moved on. The world moves on, is it?” He didn’t say anything else…just that observation.

I felt very sad that he had to learn this sad truth at such a young age.

I told him that as a parent I only pray for 3 things, in this respective order.
I pray and hope for my children to be alive
I pray and hope for my children to be healthy
I pray and hope for my children to be happy

Everything else that the boys manage to do, to me, is like winning a huge mega lotto.

I don’t know if I got my point across to him. I pray and hope I did.

What have you told the kids about what you pray and hope for them? Message me.

Also, do me a favor.
Go find the kiddos.
Give them a giant 1 minute hug (Science: it takes a 20-Second hug to release Oxytocin).

Anyways, it is perhaps of all the crazy schedule and happenings around, I am feeling rather feverish today.

I think I am going to listen to my body and get some rest.
You rest up too.

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