On Giving your Word

“theerththak karaiyinilae therku moolaiyil shenbagath thoattaththilae
paarththirundhaal varuvaen vennilaavilae paanigiyoadenru sonnaay
vaarththai thavarivittaay adi kannammaa maarbu thudikkudhadi
paarththa idaththilellaam unnaip poalavae paavai theriyudhadi”
– Poet Bharathiyar

Grandpa TVS told me that my word is my bond.

Not a bond paper.
Not a signature.
Not a legal document.

My word.
That is my bond.

When I say I will try my best, I do try my best.
When I say I’ll show up at your door step, I do show up.

If I have no intention of doing it, then I never make that promise in the first place. On the rare occasion, when I have to find myself in a situation where I have to go back on a promise because of a conflicting situation, I call the party involved and apologize.

But, in this day and age, a word in not a bond.
Alas….words are often said….to just be said…not with the intention of keeping it.

So, your word…is that your bond?

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