On Showing the Ropes

Amma was just the nagger.
Appa was always the one.

He didn’t expect me to do anything he didn’t do himself.

I vividly remember this one science test (on the topic of bonding and cement) where I had to get up early in the morning to study. Amma was sleeping to glory.

In the wee hours of the morning, Appa woke up, then woke me up, made coffee for me and sat down on the sofa.
I poured over the books. Appa’s head started bobbing and he was nodding off to sleep.
I begged him. “Appa, please, you need some rest. Why don’t you lie down on the bed or alteast the sofa.”
He wouldn’t lie down. He just sat there, bobbing his head to show his unwavering support for me.

It is not like I made a conscious decision saying “I am going to be there for the kids. I am not going to expect them to do anything that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do myself.”

I think Appa imbibed it in me without him or me consciously realizing it.

I am quite surprised when parents expect for the kids to do things they have never done or wouldn’t dare to do for themselves. Don’t be one of those.

Show them the ropes…literally and figuratively.

And, speaking of bonding and cement, Appa showed and made me mix cement, sand and water in the right quantity to use for construction.

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