On What you are seeking and How it is seeking you

It has been almost 3 years since we moved to Austin.

Friends have been urging me to go see the beautiful peacocks that rove the Radha Madhav Dham grounds.

I went to Radha Madhav Dham a hand full times in the last few years. But, each time, I rushed in and out and couldn’t see the peacocks.

We had to make two visits to Radha Madhav Dham in the last week…last Monday and last Friday.

The boys told me they saw peacocks on Monday.

I still hadn’t see them.

Then, on Friday evening, I sat through an hour of traffic and finally managed to get to Radha Madhav Dham for a mini recital that my friend Anand-Ji had arranged.

It was late evening and my photo battery was ready to die. So, Ari found me a power outlet at the end of the main hall. I planted myself there and managed to click a few pictures.

One of my favorite Shiva songs – Bho Shambo – started playing. I was immersed in it and started having a mind conversation with my favorite dude of all times – Lord Shiva.

I truly adore him..for several reasons.
He is a maverick/non-conformist like me.
He doesn’t give a rat’s a** about whether people judge his looks or attitude.
Kumar says my quick temper and subsequent Rudra Thandavam matches Lord Shiva as well.

Anyways, on to my mind conversation – “Shiva, when can I come hang out with you on Mt. Kailash. When are you going to get me the ticket? It is high time. I have been waiting all my life. And, you of all people, know how impatient I get when kept waiting. So, get moving, my friend.”

That is right about the time Bho Shambo ended.

Then, distractedly, I turn towards the glass door to look at the beautiful fountain on the Radha Madhav Dham grounds.

Guess what sought me out?

A bunch of peacocks and pea-hens. They were on the other side of the glass door……patiently staring right at me. They sought me out.

That is the right spot to end this story. So, I will.

What are you seeking?

What you seek is seeking you – Rumi.

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