Meaningful Mantras

In my younger days, I used to think mantras (or slokas, prayers) were all meaningless. I still recited them out of awe and respect for Appa who taught me with such passion and love.

However, now, as I age, I understand that mantras have more meaning than I can comprehend during this lifetime.

There is nothing religious about this. It is pure science.

I don’t want you to take my word for it. You never should.

Read about the science of the universe, cosmos, sound and how our body resonates.
Mull over it and share your learnings with me.

To get you started, here are a couple of links:
Thank you Srinivasan T Venkatraman for sharing awesome resource FE with me.

While, we are on this topic, here is my favorite song/mantra (or whatever else you want to call it) of all times – Bho Shambo Shiva Shambo.

You don’t have to understand the words, the meanings, the ethos…nothing.

Just listen….and feel the power.

I have heard many versions of “Bho Shambo Shiva Shambo” by many talented highly acclaimed singers recite it. Of all those, the 2 best versionsare the following:
* Maharajapuram Santhanam’s version is the best…because of the strength of his voice
* The version my dear friend Subashini Ganesan sang for me many decades ago in a dorm room when we had no strength left in us to get through the next page of some damn physics book in our freshman year. Unfortunately, I don’t have a recording of that powerful version. But, the sound and power of her singing it is safely stored somewhere as biochemicals in my brain and I can recall on it during my weak days. I am confident advancement in science will find a way to transfer that as mp3 some day soon. That is the day, I’ll retrieve her voice from my brain to share with you.

“Bho Shambo Shiva Shambo” words transliterated in English:
bhO shambhO shiva shambhO svayambhO

gangAdhara shankara karuNAkara mAmava bhavasAgara tAraka
nirguNa parabrahma svarUpa gamAgama bhUta prapanca rahita
nija guhanihita nitAnta ananta Ananda atishaya akSayalinga

dhimita dhimita dhimi dhimikiTa kiTatOm tOm tOm tarikiTa tarikiTakiTa tOm
matanga munivara vandita Isha sarva digambara vESTita vESa Isha sabEsha nitya niranjana nitya natEsha Isha sabEsha sarvEsha

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