Music bring Solace

Music brings peace.
Music brings solace.

This old Tamil song by legendary lyricist Kannadasan has been my constant companion as I navigate rough waters in the last few weeks.

Lyrics In Tamil:
Mayakkamaa kalakkamaa
Manadhilae kuzhappamaa
Vaazhkkaiyil nadukkamaa

Translation in English:

Are you dazed and queasy?
Is there confusion in your heart?
Is there uncertainty in your life?

Lyrics In Tamil:
Vaazhkkai enraal aayiram irukkum
Vaasal dhoarum vedhanai irukkum
Vandha thunbam edhuvendraalum
Vaadi ninraal oaduvadhillai
Edhaiyum thaangum idhayam irundhaal
Irudhi varaikkum amaidhi irukkum

Translation in English:

Life has thousands of problems in it
Every one’s house has anxieties (not just you)
Whatever the trouble is
If you wilt and stop, they don’t go away
If you have a heart that can endure anything
There will be peace until the end

Lyrics In Tamil:
Aezhai manadhai maaligaiyakki
Iravum pagalum kaaviyam paadi
Naalaip pozhudhai iraivanukkaliththu
Nadakkum vaazhvil amaidhiyaith thaedu
Unakkum keezhae ullavar koadi
Ninaiththup paarththu nimmadhi naadu

Translation in English:

Make the poor heart a palace
Sing poetically about night and day (sadness and joy)
Dedicate tomorrow’s time/worries to god and
Look for peace in your present life
There are crores of people worse off than you
Think about that and feel grateful and peaceful

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