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  1. To me, life is having your own time. Career, money, responsibilities make decades vanish in a blink. We become a victim of somebody’s misdeed. Sometimes we inflict pain to ourselves in the name of unreal fun, unreal happiness. Why don’t we realize that a million dollar home or a 50k – 200k bmw or a Porsche, Aishwarya Rai or Salman khan really rob our soul and a lot of life-time. I don’t like to be a complainer, I really want to Be careful and watchful of these traps. Make right choices and really save the life time which I just want to keep it myself – The time that I can use it to realize what I am or I am not, really plan/optimize and spend my energy whole heartedly on my commitments like my kids, what I can or cannot, ability to heal and cure when I dont want to die, really be ok with when I have to die..

  2. Viba – Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts on life. They are right on. We are on a joint quest to identify what matters the most in life.

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